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So, a post. This is kind of sad but, I'm not sure how to make friends on livejournal anymore. I'd love awsome Glee friends to flail at but...yeah. How do I make them? Who knows? I had (have) friends on my old account but that's real life only now. It's kind of a job thing, sadly I need to divorce my insane geeking somewhat from my real life XD

So yeah, geeking. I loved the Glee christmas episode. I loved Kurt's little confession. As far as I'm concerned that means it's either going to be canon or I'm going to have to fly to America and cut someone! I have such a soft spot for Kurt, he's adorable.

In other geekery...Nanoha movie OMFG!!!!!! Yeah, me and the housemate watched it a few weeks ago and it is so awsome. I read some people describing it as Fate and Nanoha's love story. I wish I could write fic for this series but Nanoha and Fate are kind of perfect as they are, or something. I just kind of struggle with their voices really. Though after watching the movie we did, in a fit of brilliance, start watching A's again. Signum is awsome-sauce. And I want to write Nanoha fic with Nanoha's school friends in. I might blitz reading/recing some Nanoha fic over christmas is Glee fandom slows down long enough for me to breath.

Really glad that people are liking the Glee fic I wrote, though I'm not sure liking is the word for it. I need to write more soon, prefrably when I stop dying of cold which I'm doing right now. I have a lot to fit in over christmas but I want to find time for fic writing.

I want to write:

Fic where Blaine's parents meet Burt and Carole
Something that takes the entire gay-Hogwarts thing and runs with it, where everyone is like "How the fuck did he get inside our barrier" and freaking out and it'll be totaly awsome XD

Ok, I've posted, that will do for now. Onwards to the reading of the fanfiction!


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