Oct. 2nd, 2015

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3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

I'm not doing ALL those fandoms. I'll pick a few I want to witter about.


The obvious answer is Clint Barton since I have written a million fic from his POV. I actually prefer Phil to Clint in my pairing but since I prefer Phil, I like to write from Clint's POV and be in love with Phil. Also, Clint is a complete human disaster which I can relate to. Love me some Clint.


Cas was always my favourite character but he was never my favourite to write. I loved writing Kevin which is why that show lost me the minute it killed him. I noped right the fuck out of there.


Kurt Hummel. I would NEVER have watched this show for so long if it wasn't for Kurt. I mean, there were some secondary characters I loved but it was Kurt's voyage from that one queer kid in the back of the room struggling to mean someone to someone to this wonderful, confident, mature young man that I really loved. I wrote several Kurt pairings becasue I'd ship him with just about anyone who'd be good to him because I loved him. That's, again, why I bailed from the fandom when I did (when he left for college) becasue the writers only knew three types of story - will they/won't they, she's having a baby, they're breaking up (again) and since Kurt and Blaine were together and neither of them could get pregnant it was clear where that was going and it wasn't Kurt/Happiness and though the show had hurt him before, it felt like an earned hurt, like growing pains, not something there for the dramaz!

Harry Potter

Neville Longbottom. God I love Neville. Neville/Draco. He's a down-to-Earth boy from my neck of the woods, what's not to like. One of my secret desires is to record a podfic of Lust over Pendle.


Getting into old fandoms now but I thought I'd leave this one in as it was a formative one for me. I shipped Reed/Mayweather, so stuffy British guy with hot young man XD Loved it. I liked writing them becasue they were such a contrast but they had this odd affection in the show and this history in the extra-canon material and I enjoyed playing with that.


Another of what I'd define as one of my big fandoms. I wrote reams of Ichigo/Renji/Rukia. It's notable as one of the first time that I shipped a multiple pairing seriously. I just didn't enjoy any of the various pairings alone as much as I enjoyed them together. And the text set it up greatly, though probably unintentionally. I just wanted them running around together kicking ass and Ichigo being like, how the fuck did I end up with these two idiots?


The only fandom I've written a lot of femslash in. Also one of my early long-fic. I used to ship Seras Victoria with Integra Hellsing. Because Integra was awesome. Who doesn't like ladies kicking ass and making powerful vampires do their bidding and I kind of wanted Seras to lick her shoes.

Pacific Rim

NEWTON! Seriously, Newt is my baby. I love him. He's such a little shit and he's so inappropriate and I love him for all that. I love writing his voice and how everything can be that big quicker like things are going through his mind so fast there's no time to filter them before they get out and...yeah, just love him.

Soul Eater

Chrona! Canon person of indeterminate gender who's gender was (at my time in the fandom) never CLEARLY revealed. There were strong hints but nothing 100% conclusive and I loved that. Most of the fandom fixed their gender but I wrote them as genderqueer and shipped with Maka who had 0 fucks to give about Chrona's gender.

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